The Canadian Centre of Science and Education; Supporting Cancer Research through Knowledge Sharing

What is the Canadian Center of Science and Education?

The CCSE is an online publisher of scholarly articles, allowing the spread of information by publishing thousands of articles every year. These articles range in subjects from Humanities, Biology, and Management Sciences to a wide variety of fields.

The Fight against Cancer

Currently, the CCSE is playing an active role in the fight against cancer through its promotion of the cause. Cancer and Clinical Oncology is an open access peer reviewed journal that contains thousands of articles based on the subject, including fields such as Pathophysiology, and malignant disease diagnosis and treatment. articles go through a strict checking regimen in accordance with proper information, after which about half are published. The CCSE welcomes authors to submit more of their findings and research work on the online journal.

Along with that, the CCSE also holds the honour of being recognized as ‘loyal supporter of the Cancer Research Society’, which carries out research and development tasks on the particular subject and is one of the leading bodies in the fight against cancer. The organization has played a major role in the reduction of terminal Cancer through early prevention and diagnosis.

An Appeal to Various Institutions

The Canadian Center of Science and Education appeals to other institutions to support the Cancer Research Society’s findings and research. The CRS carries out a wide range of basic research programs, many of which have helped in the prevention of third stage cancer through the advancements in information spread.

The goal of CRS’s research is not financial or commercial; in fact, the CRS has helped fund numerous research programs by different external organizations. The research is carried out in order to have a better understanding of cancer symptoms and development, which can in effect help treat it.

Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

We firmly believe that knowledge should be free and without any limitations, and that the advancements in technology and other fields can only be sped up by the free flow of information. Running on a private for-profit basis, the Canadian Center of Science and Education encourages authors to publish their findings online and share them with peers for better coordination and advancement in their relevant fields.

With support of various organizations such as the Cancer Research Society while making accredited and peer reviewed journals available online for free download, the CCSE hope to usher in a new era of technology for a better future. Along with that, it also funds many educational programs and promotes research and development.