Canadian Center of Science and Education Explains the Importance of Research Partnerships

Research collaborations are common occurrences in the scholarly world. From sharing facilities to pairing up faculty members and students to tackle large problems together, research initiatives that incorporate the expertise of individuals from more than one facility can improve the effectiveness of an initiative. “The Guardian” has announced a new collaboration between researchers from Bristol and Kyoto University. Canadian Center of Science and Education applauds the efforts of these researchers and encourages educational organizations to foster such partnerships in an effort to improve their research programs.

According to the article, “Both the developed and developing worlds are facing daunting [challenges], ones that require dauntingly big ideas and thoughtful analysis to be successfully addressed. University staff and students, working with societal partners (government, the public, industry) will be at the heart of successfully tackling these issues, whether natural hazards, the way to healthy living and ageing, food, water and energy security, urbanisation or living with climate change.” The article goes on to explain that, while all countries face such challenges, Japan and Britain have many of these obstacles in common. As island nations with limited natural resources and ageing populations, these two countries are natural partners on research endeavors.

But these are not the only countries that could do well by working together. In fact, there is an endless list of possible collaborations that would benefit diverse subject areas. For this reason, many researchers are being encouraged to partner with scholars from other countries to approach their problems from a fresh perspective.

“The international research scene needs more collaboration between different countries,” comments a representative from Canadian Center of Science and Education. “We have started our initiative to plan such studies, to provide books to research-based libraries in developing companies, and to assist these organizations in implementing their research plans and, ultimately, reaching their goals regarding field-specific discoveries.”

Canadian Center of Science and Education fully supports international collaborations for research initiatives. The organization encourages researchers to think about how a partnership with individuals from a different country might benefit their research efforts and allow them to achieve a great deal more than they might if they tackle their endeavor on their own.


The Canadian Center of Science and Education is an organization whose mission is to support a positive learning and research environment by awarding funding to research endeavors in a variety of fields. Moreover, the Canadian Center of Science and Education publishes an eclectic catalogue of scholarly journals, and in doing so encourages the sharing of information between professionals and scholars in a variety of subject areas. This also allows the organization to enhance the information that researchers have to reference. The Canadian Center of Science and Education places a great deal of value on scientific integrity, academic excellence, and respect and equity in the workplace and is committed to supporting the research initiatives and other endeavors that uphold these values.



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